Massachusetts Family Photographer | The Coffin Family

There is so much I love about being a photographer. One of the main reasons is a bit selfish though. I absolutely love being able to document my own family (and those I love) in an artistic and expressive way. I feel like I get to be apart of their story in someway (even if small) when my friends ask me to be their photographer. I love that so much. Maybe it's selfish. But I love playing a roll in documenting the most beautiful parts of their lives. That responsibility is a fucking honor and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

The mom and dad in this session are some of my oldest and dearest friends. I've been through a lot with these people. They have grown alongside me for much of my life and there is nothing I cherish more than being able to document what will undoubtedly be looked back on as some of the best years of their lives. 

So, Jenn, Tristam & Caden, thank you for allowing me to be part of documenting your memories. I hope you cherish these images as much as I do. Love you all. 

Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | Sarah Driscoll Photography | The Hirsch Family

I was beyond thrilled when this momma, Gina of Mason & Harlow reached out to me to do her family photos. Not only is she a local, but she is also an artist herself-- creating the loveliest of flower crowns on etsy. Needless to say, I knew she would have fabulous taste and the moment she stepped out of her car and I caught a peak at the dress she was wearing, I knew I was right and that the session would be incredible. I'll say it over and over and over again-- what you wear has so much to do with the final product. If you want a beautiful bohemian vibe to your images, you have to dress the part.  And more than that, if you want relaxed images where everyone is just loving on and enjoying one another-- you must do just that. Style and attitude is everything at a shoot. 

Just as a side note, you can now add on a personal stylist to any of your shoots with me. So feel free to email me for more details on that: 

Here is the beautiful Hirsch family and their lifestyle family photography session in Walpole...

Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | Sarah Driscoll Photography | The Holtz Family

Busy season is coming to an end and I am finally able to take a minute to breath deep, put on my Christmas music and dig into some editing. The Fall, as a photographer, is always so intense. And yet, always so worth it. I had some incredible families in front of my camera throughout this season and I am so blessed to be able to document memories for them all. 

Here are two of my favorite twins, Elizabeth and Alexandra and their Momma and Daddy at their photography session in Walpole. The girls brought their personalities this year and we had a blast during the whole session.  Their giggles and grumpy faces are my favorite. 

Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | The Kuchy Family.

I squeezed this beautiful family into my Fall schedule a little bit last minute, but I am so glad I did because it is one of my favorite sessions of the season! Gosh, is there anything more beautiful than a family photography session in the middle of a field of wheat grass and trees in every shade of orange you could ever image. Who knew that knowing the names of Crayola Crayons would finally come in handy-- I am fairly certain I saw shades of Maize, Mango-Tango, and Canary. Just saying. 

Anyway, here is the beautiful Kuchy family and their lifestyle family photography session we did at Bird Park in Walpole, Massachusetts. 

Massachusetts Family Films: The Jakobsen Family.

I'm fairly certain that I've said it once and I am likely to say it again and again-- BUT, big families are my absolute favorite. There is just a whole different vibe that comes with photographing them (and being apart of them, for that matter). For the most part, the experience is pretty chaotic. But guess what? That's my favorite part! 

So many parents get bent out of shape during their session. Parents are always trying to get their children to sit still and "be good." "Calm down" they shriek. "Knock it off," they yell. But you know what? Those are never my favorite images or films-- where everyone is sitting still and bored to death. Ever. My favorite images and family films are the ones that capture every kiddo just being uniquely themselves-- even if that means endless giggles and body-slams. I urge parents to tell their children to, "just have fun and be themselves." If they get completely out of control, we can work together to reorganize and calm them. But, letting them enjoy themselves -- AND joining in on their fun is truly the best way to document real moments and stories. So, if you are looking for the everyone-say-cheese-kind of photographer, I am not your girl. But if you are looking for authenticity and good times-- "come sit by my fire." 

Which ultimately leads me to one of my favorite poems written by the coolest poet, Shel Silverstein. I'd like to invite you to my art. And to book a family film with me-- if you are my kind of people.


If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer . . .
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

For more information on my family films visit here. 

Massachusetts Lifestyle Photography & Family Films: The Candela Family

This amazing Momma asked me not to tell her husband that I was recording video during our session because she wanted to surprise him with a family film (he only knew we were doing pictures). Soooo, I proceeded to look a little crazy and hide the fact I was taking video during our session. I'm pretty sure Dad left thinking I was a little bonkers and maybe also a ninja on the side, but it was worth it because they both teared up while watching their beautiful family put to music. Family films will always be my favorite. 

So, please watch the video first and foremost. 

And now for their images:

Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer: The Develin Family

Is there anything better than having a brother? These two boys are so lucky to have one another and to be so close in age. To top it off, their Daddy plays football for the New England Patriots and I can't even imagine how incredible that will be for them to watch him play. This Momma is so incredibly blessed to have three awesome dudes in her life. And I am blessed to have documented this moment in time for them. 

So, here is the beautiful Develin family....

Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer| Baby Abel

Whenever I photograph the Meader family, they blow me away. Momma bear, Elise, is my partner at Root & Bud (we photograph weddings together) and she is one of my very best friends. She is funny as hell and absurdly sweet. I am so lucky to know her and love her.

Her boys-- Grant, Dean and Abel are some of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen. They are wild and silly and love their Momma and Daddy real hard. They are the kind of family you want to join. With the kind of home you want to live in. And the kind of boy cheeks you want to squish. 

I was lucky enough to do a newborn photography session for the Meader family a week or so ago and was extra blessed because they asked me to do a family film for them as well. I cannot urge families enough to do these films. Such treasures. There is nothing more beautiful than a photograph caught in motion. 

Please have a look at this film first & their incredible family.....

Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer: Baby Olivia.

To me there is no better compliment than when someone recommends your photography services to another family. When I know my name was passed along, I know I am doing my job right (and well) and I am always so utterly grateful. It truly means everything to me.  

This beautiful lifestyle newborn photography session took place in Millis, Massachusetts on a cold day in March, but the sunshine that seeped through the windows filled their home with warmth and oh so much love. Sweet baby Olivia slayed me with her cuteness and I feel so lucky to have been able to document these moments for this incredible family. 

Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer: Baby Jackson Matthew

I have an absolute love for documenting families in their homes. In-home Lifestyle Photography sessions are truly something all families should invest in. There is something so honest and lovely about capturing a family between the walls of the place that they call "home." This is where they first brought their baby home, and where their story begins, ends and unfolds. 

Below is a beautiful, new family of three and the beginning of their story together. Welcome to the world Jackson Matthew. 

I think the quote that hangs above their bed sums it all up perfectly, "we were together...I forget the rest." 

Walpole Massachusetts Family Photography Session| The Cagle Family

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again--- when you show up at your family photography session free of nerves and without any preconceptions about "cheesing" at the camera, then....magic happens. This family photography session was done at Bird Park in Walpole, Massachusetts and the family arrived ready to just play and enjoy one another.

Sometimes, people allow their nerves and insecurities to get the better of them when they arrive at their family photography session. I try to urge my clients to take a deep breath and realize IT'S NOT THAT BAD. And IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE FUN. And when you let go of the pressure to stare at the camera and have every sit still and behave, then everything becomes much more relaxed and natural. A family photography session with me shouldnt't feel forced. While I will guide you into pretty light and moments, I won't stop you from swinging your daughter in the air or tickling your son-- in fact, I will ask you to!

At our session, you should feel free to be yourself and when you do so, that is when your beauty and true, authentic story is told.

Here is the beautiful Cheryl Cagle (also an incredible photographer-- check her out) and her lovely family. Thank you all for allowing me to document your story so honestly.

Massachusetts Family Photographer| The Meader Family

Elise is one of my very best friends. Not only is she insanely talented and beautiful and lovely but she has an appreciation for authenticity in photography-- just like myself.

Rather than showing up nervous and anxious with preconceived notions that they needed to stare and "cheese" at my camera, they showed up just ready to hang out and have some fun. They ran in the field, cuddled, laughed, cried a little bit (ha!), gave piggy back rides and loved on each other HARD. And the best part? They barely even glanced at my camera.

That is the key to beautiful, genuine, real-life family photography, after all. It is essential to let go of the notion that a great family picture means everyone is staring at the camera in a perfect pose. And instead, embrace the beauty of authenticity and the perfect imperfections that tell your story honestly through photographs.

Walpole Massachusetts Family Photography Session | Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer

I photographed this beautiful family last summer and never got around to blogging it. The entire session was far too lovely not to share with you all, so now –in the middle of winter– as a pretty big snow storm is upon us, I decided there is no better time than now to share this outdoor family photography session.

During this family photography session in Walpole Massachusetts, the sweet little boy (with the most incredible eyes) was having a hard time. He wasn’t entirely in to the session and mom was worried about whether or not we got anything good. I reassured her and I think she was still a little bit hesitant. But, in the end, Mom was more than happy with her images, the beautiful light that wrapped around them and the memories we captured forever.