Massachusetts Family Films: The Jakobsen Family.

I'm fairly certain that I've said it once and I am likely to say it again and again-- BUT, big families are my absolute favorite. There is just a whole different vibe that comes with photographing them (and being apart of them, for that matter). For the most part, the experience is pretty chaotic. But guess what? That's my favorite part! 

So many parents get bent out of shape during their session. Parents are always trying to get their children to sit still and "be good." "Calm down" they shriek. "Knock it off," they yell. But you know what? Those are never my favorite images or films-- where everyone is sitting still and bored to death. Ever. My favorite images and family films are the ones that capture every kiddo just being uniquely themselves-- even if that means endless giggles and body-slams. I urge parents to tell their children to, "just have fun and be themselves." If they get completely out of control, we can work together to reorganize and calm them. But, letting them enjoy themselves -- AND joining in on their fun is truly the best way to document real moments and stories. So, if you are looking for the everyone-say-cheese-kind of photographer, I am not your girl. But if you are looking for authenticity and good times-- "come sit by my fire." 

Which ultimately leads me to one of my favorite poems written by the coolest poet, Shel Silverstein. I'd like to invite you to my art. And to book a family film with me-- if you are my kind of people.


If you are a dreamer, come in.
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hope-er, a pray-er, a magic bean buyer . . .
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire,
For we have some flax golden tales to spin.
Come in!
Come in!

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Sarah Driscoll