Walpole Massachusetts Family Photography Session| The Cagle Family

I'll say it once, and I'll say it again--- when you show up at your family photography session free of nerves and without any preconceptions about "cheesing" at the camera, then....magic happens. This family photography session was done at Bird Park in Walpole, Massachusetts and the family arrived ready to just play and enjoy one another.

Sometimes, people allow their nerves and insecurities to get the better of them when they arrive at their family photography session. I try to urge my clients to take a deep breath and realize IT'S NOT THAT BAD. And IT'S SUPPOSE TO BE FUN. And when you let go of the pressure to stare at the camera and have every sit still and behave, then everything becomes much more relaxed and natural. A family photography session with me shouldnt't feel forced. While I will guide you into pretty light and moments, I won't stop you from swinging your daughter in the air or tickling your son-- in fact, I will ask you to!

At our session, you should feel free to be yourself and when you do so, that is when your beauty and true, authentic story is told.

Here is the beautiful Cheryl Cagle (also an incredible photographer-- check her out) and her lovely family. Thank you all for allowing me to document your story so honestly.

Sarah Driscoll