Massachusetts Lifestyle Newborn Photographer| Baby Abel

Whenever I photograph the Meader family, they blow me away. Momma bear, Elise, is my partner at Root & Bud (we photograph weddings together) and she is one of my very best friends. She is funny as hell and absurdly sweet. I am so lucky to know her and love her.

Her boys-- Grant, Dean and Abel are some of the most beautiful boys I have ever seen. They are wild and silly and love their Momma and Daddy real hard. They are the kind of family you want to join. With the kind of home you want to live in. And the kind of boy cheeks you want to squish. 

I was lucky enough to do a newborn photography session for the Meader family a week or so ago and was extra blessed because they asked me to do a family film for them as well. I cannot urge families enough to do these films. Such treasures. There is nothing more beautiful than a photograph caught in motion. 

Please have a look at this film first & their incredible family.....

Sarah Driscoll