Massachusetts Family Photographer | The Coffin Family

There is so much I love about being a photographer. One of the main reasons is a bit selfish though. I absolutely love being able to document my own family (and those I love) in an artistic and expressive way. I feel like I get to be apart of their story in someway (even if small) when my friends ask me to be their photographer. I love that so much. Maybe it's selfish. But I love playing a roll in documenting the most beautiful parts of their lives. That responsibility is a fucking honor and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

The mom and dad in this session are some of my oldest and dearest friends. I've been through a lot with these people. They have grown alongside me for much of my life and there is nothing I cherish more than being able to document what will undoubtedly be looked back on as some of the best years of their lives. 

So, Jenn, Tristam & Caden, thank you for allowing me to be part of documenting your memories. I hope you cherish these images as much as I do. Love you all. 

Sarah Driscoll