Massachusetts Family Photographer| The Meader Family

Elise is one of my very best friends. Not only is she insanely talented and beautiful and lovely but she has an appreciation for authenticity in photography-- just like myself.

Rather than showing up nervous and anxious with preconceived notions that they needed to stare and "cheese" at my camera, they showed up just ready to hang out and have some fun. They ran in the field, cuddled, laughed, cried a little bit (ha!), gave piggy back rides and loved on each other HARD. And the best part? They barely even glanced at my camera.

That is the key to beautiful, genuine, real-life family photography, after all. It is essential to let go of the notion that a great family picture means everyone is staring at the camera in a perfect pose. And instead, embrace the beauty of authenticity and the perfect imperfections that tell your story honestly through photographs.

Sarah Driscoll