Massachusetts Lifestyle Photographer | Sarah Driscoll Photography | The Hirsch Family

I was beyond thrilled when this momma, Gina of Mason & Harlow reached out to me to do her family photos. Not only is she a local, but she is also an artist herself-- creating the loveliest of flower crowns on etsy. Needless to say, I knew she would have fabulous taste and the moment she stepped out of her car and I caught a peak at the dress she was wearing, I knew I was right and that the session would be incredible. I'll say it over and over and over again-- what you wear has so much to do with the final product. If you want a beautiful bohemian vibe to your images, you have to dress the part.  And more than that, if you want relaxed images where everyone is just loving on and enjoying one another-- you must do just that. Style and attitude is everything at a shoot. 

Just as a side note, you can now add on a personal stylist to any of your shoots with me. So feel free to email me for more details on that: 

Here is the beautiful Hirsch family and their lifestyle family photography session in Walpole...