Father Daughter Dance "First Look" Pictures| Massachusetts Family Photographer

We started the tradition of Father/Daughter Dance "First Look" pictures last year, when I was amidst the chaos of shooting weddings constantly and realized that "first looks" can be adorable for more than just brides & grooms. Last year, the father/daughter "first look" was with just my sweet Delaney and it was so much fun! She still looks back on those images adoringly. This year was the first year that Claire went to the dance as well so it was extra special. 

Delaney, of course, picked out her dress and how she wanted to wear her hair so I cannot take credit for any of the cuteness, only the documentation of it all. 

My favorite part about photography is THIS. Capturing memories that my kids will cherish forever and ever and ever. The days are long but the years are short and I want to capture all of the really really great days so I can keep them forever for my babies. These are the moments that matter. This is it. 

Here is our Father/Daughter Dance First Look: 

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