Mentoring Options 

There are a few things I am thoroughly passionate about in this life and two of them happen to be PHOTOGRAPHY & TEACHING. So, I am pleased to tell you that I have combined the two and now offer many options for those interested in a mentorship with me. 

My friends always tell me that I am honest to a fault and I hope that will be a good thing as your teacher. I will be honest. I will be straight-up. And I will not sugar coat everything for you. Oh, and I will --of course-- be kind in the process. We all started somewhere and we are all headed somewhere. I promise to teach you, believe in you and become friends with you through it all. We are in this together. 


Basic Portfolio Review


+ Please send me a 50 image gallery (dropbox, flickr, or your website) and I will provide you with a full and detailed review of your portfolio. I will provide individual comments on each image, as well as with an overall reflection on your work-- covering points such as cohesion, strengths, and weaknesses. This will be done on a live online chat. 

+Add on: for an additional fee of $100.00 I will include a comprehensive review of your online presence-- including Facebook, Instagram and your website. I will discuss your brand and what kind of message you are putting out to the world. This is a wonderful way to reflect on your brand's message, what kind of clients you want to attract and ultimately what kind of business you wish to run.

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3 hour in-person mentoring


+ Let's sit, have some coffee and chat about EVERYTHING photography related. Whether you are just learning manual or would like to build your own business, this could be ideal for you! 

+ During our time together we can shoot and edit as well! 

+ We will talk business, social media and the ins and outs of making photography into a full-time career. Ask me absolutely anything! 

+ During our time together we can also review your work and social media presence. 


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+ For this one hour live chat, you can build your own experience! If you want to learn manual, I can teach you! If you want to discuss editing, we can! If you would rather talk about business or social media, thats great! Ask me anything!