When I was the mother of one, I felt like I had it all together. I was able to take my son on bike rides every weekend, enroll him in every kind of sport and activity, and give him constant one-on-one attention; we went exploring in the woods regularly, we painted nearly every afternoon, we sat and practiced writing his name often, and I told him that I loved him more often than he needed to hear it.That kid had it good. 

But the more children you have, the more you feel as if you have lost your control –your togetherness. The more you question whether your children’s upbringing may be lacking. Are you giving each child enough?

Personally, I don’t think that my youngest has had the same kind of exciting and fulfilling life as my oldest had when he was his age. I certainly cannot put all of my kids on the back seat of my bike and ride off into the sun like I use. In fact, my baby has never even been on a bike before. But he does have siblings to splash in the tub with and chase at the playground. So, I guess you give a little and take a little. 

If nothing else, I want all of my children to experience these 72 must-dos of childhood, regardless of how many children I have and how little one-on-one attention I am able to give each of them. Childhood should be filled with classic memories that every child before us and every child after us also got to experience.Afterall, what is childhood without splashing in muddy puddles and climbing the highest of trees?

1. blow and chase after bubbles.

2. make a home for bugs in a jar. 

3. jump in a great big pile of leaves.

4. climb a mountain and have a picnic at the top.

5. eat fresh fruit off a bush or tree.

6. go for a motorboat ride.

7. feed the ducks.

8. paint with pudding.

9. decorate a cake and eat frosting straight from the jar.

10. name a lovie/stuffed animal and cuddle it to sleep each night.

11. go to the drive-in movie. 

12. roll down a hill.

13. go sledding. 

14. build a snowman and name him Frosty.

15. build a fort out of blankets.

16. spend the day in undies. 

17. tie-dye shirts.

18. make a mud pie.

19. play flashlight tag.

20. take a ride on a ferris wheel.

21. fall asleep riding on someone’s shoulders.

22. feed farm animals. 

23. play with playdough.

24. have a teddy bear picnic.

25. use their own library card. 

26. chase after butterflies with nets. 

27. run through sprinklers. 

28. grow a garden. 

29. visit a museum.

30. go to a movie theater.

31. go pumpkin picking.

32. pick out their Christmas tree. 

33. kiss mommy or daddy under the mistletoe. 

34. go to a fair or circus. 

35. make homemade icecream. 

36. build a sandcastle.  

37. toast marshmallows at a campfire. 

38. sleep in a tent. 

39. jump in muddy puddles. 

40. fly a kite. 

41. play dress up. 

42.  go apple picking.

43. run a lemonade stand. 

44. go on a scavenger hunt. 

45. carve pumpkins.

46. build a gingerbread house. 

47. climb a tree. 

48. catch lightening bugs in a jar.

49. catch frogs and name them. 

50. spend their own money. 

51. go for a hayride.

52. host a tea party (okay, maybe this is best for girls)

53. see the stars from a telescope. 

build a fort in the woods. 

55. have a collection.

56. volunteer or raise money for good. 

57. take a train. 

58. dance in the living room. 

59.  cook their own dinner. 

60. collect seashells on the beach. 

61. make a paper airplane. 

66. lick the brownie bowl clean. 

67. spin with their arms out until they fall over.

68. make a best friend. 

69. throw couch cushions on the floor and jump from one to another. 

70. play in the tubby rather than clean in the tubby.

71. get tucked in as snug as a bug in a rug. 

72. be told they are loved every single day.  

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