Favorite Fall Art Projects to do with Toddlers.

So…I am fully aware that the first day of Autumn is not until September 22nd. BUT, with that being said, the crisp Fall mornings have begun, the rumble of buses passing are echoing in the breeze, and the leaves are tinged with bright yellow speckles. Ahhhh, Fall. I am absolutely head over heals for you.

What better way to celebrate Fall than to get a little messy?

I have put together a list of our favorite Fall art projects.

First up… my personal favorite: Fabulous Fall Trees. We made these yesterday. Any project that allows me to save the tiny prints of my babies is always a favorite of mine. I painted tiny hands and wrists with brown paint and the kids stamped them down on the paper to make trees. Then, using cute little fingertips, they painted on Fall-colored-leaves.

Another simple projects that is toddler-tested is Apple & Leaf Prints. My daughter likes to use the leaves as paintbrushes…but she occasionally stamps and presses them down correctly. OCCASIONALLY being the operative word.

One of my absolute favorite things is finding an easy craft for my toddler to do that looks beautiful. These Pastel Leaf Prints are simple & impossible to make too-messy-it’s-ugly. You know what I mean?

fall leaf craft

We plan on decorating our windows this Fall with this super fun & super easy Tissue Paper Fall Leaf Craft!

 Okay, okay…we all know I am insanely indecisive. I cannot actually decide on how we are going to decorate our window. I’m debating. This Coffee Filter Fall Window Display  looks pretty cute too! Such a HUGE decision in stay-at-home-mom world:-)

These Salt Dough Leaf Prints are a great project! ‘Cause who doesn’t love a good salt dough project? 


I love the idea of decorating my home with my children’s artwork. This is exactly why I love the idea of beautifying their leaf prints with this Autumn Garland.

handprint apple tree

Again with the handprints..what can I say I have a weakness for teeny little fingers. Plus, it’s such a simple project to do with munchkins. So little work, such adorable results! Absolutely loving this Handprint Apple Tree project.


Ya know what? As we were doing our apple and leaf prints earlier, I thought to myself that the apple prints look a heck of a lot like pumpkins. I was going to use them as pumpkin prints in our next project. Then I saw this Apple Pumpkin Stamping project and love the idea of making little jack-o-lanterns!!

What do you do with all the beautiful Fall leaves you’ve collected from the ground? Why not make an Autumn Leaf Placemat? This could be super fun to use and label for Thanksgiving dinner. Am I right or am I right?

Gahhhh…don’tcha just love the Fall?

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